Unique Textured Slate Paintings

Brand New Collection

A collection of exceptional one-off pieces, painted on slates that fall from the roof of Una's Co. Waterford farm shed, which dates back to the 1800's. A special series of studies that combine colour, texture, memories and history. Created in single, diptych and triptych formats.
The Slate Painting Collection -- Una O Grady Paintings
Slate Shed Red Door wide -- Una O Grady Paintings
Slate preparation for painting in studio -- Una O Grady Paintings

The Story

The imperfect and rugged perimeter of these slates lends itself to a subject matter that I have enjoyed painting for years. Ever since my degree show at Ulster University (where my theme was County Clare’s, the ‘Burren’), I have been fascinated by the energy and colour of the West of Ireland’s seaboard.

My grandfather was a Galway man – an electrician, who having traveled to Belfast in the 1950’s looking for work never left! Of course, I’m also very proud of my ‘O’Grady’ West of Ireland surname!

Applying oil paint to these rough, uneven stone slates, to represent this wild coastline, makes perfect sense to me. And how appropriate that when arranged as a diptych or triptych, the coast’s raging sea and headlands roll from one slate into the next, following that jagged and colourful coastal perimeter! 

Their unusual terrain is geographically similar and special – found nowhere else on earth but on our Wild Atlantic Way.

I also love painting the very calves that stay in this shed, on these slates that provide them with shelter. Perhaps that is why their characteristics flow spontaneously onto the rough and beautifully uneven surface. 

I feel that I can express the calves’ idiosyncrasies and mannerisms by loosely and intuitively painting on this unique surface.

I also feel right at home capturing my Belfast observations in the form of my slate studies. 

My two worlds of Belfast and Waterford finally meet in these small pieces of art. Emotions of belonging and identity that I have always struggled with while living between two homes seem to dissipate as I merge Belfast subject matter with Waterford slate.


Mounting & Framing

Each piece is meticulously mounted and framed, ensuring that the slate is protected and showcased to perfection. If you have any questions about these studies, please get in touch for further details.